Breastmilk Jewelry DIY KIT

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Included in the Kit

  • 1x Instruction Guide + Video
  • 1x Solutions A+B for Mixing
  • 1x Silicone Mold with 7 Figures
  • 1x 0.25ml Dropper
  • 1x Wooden Stirrer
  • 1x File
  • 1x Protective Gloves
  • 2x Clips (of your choice)

Technical Details

  • Material: Stainless Steel or 925 Sterling Silver.
  • Liquid Solution: Specially formulated for clarity and longevity, encapsulating your unique memories.
  • Create All: Possibility to create 3 to 5 pieces of your choice.


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We ship every Tuesdays and Fridays.
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Eternalized Moments


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To create your Jewelry

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Proudly made in Portugal

Quality is our priority, which is why we DO NOT source from China.

1-year Warranty Extension

Possibility to extend the warranty for one more year.

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For inquiries, we have a specialized customer support line available via WhatsApp (+351 911 110 448).

Short Process
For and Eternal Memory

Extract Milk

Extract your milk and make sure it is at room temperature. It can be unfrozen.

Mix with solution

Mix your milk with solutions A and B until homogenized - watch out for bubbles.

Let dry for 48h

Leave it in the mold to dry for at least 48 hours in a non-humid place.

Use forever

Enjoy your eternal memory that will accompany you wherever you go.

For Eternal Moments



Less than 5 minutes is all you need to create a memory that will last a lifetime.


Assemble your jewelry without the need to cook your milk or engage in complicated processes.


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Had an issue with your jewelry? We take responsibility.

Over 11.500+ moms

Have eternalized their milk in the past 6 months.

Over 11.500 moms

Have eternalized their milk

A message from the CEO

In the midst of a pandemic, at 24 years old, my first daughter brought light into the sad times, profoundly transforming me and instilling a desire to forever remember this journey.

Our Breastmilk Jewelry Kits are not just jewelry - they are a symbol of hope, resilience, and love, keeping the essence of your journey close by.

Ana Balsemão | Founder & CEO


How to take care of your Jewelry?

Since milk is an ingredient that requires extreme preservation, to slow down yellowing, you should avoid contact with:

  • Water

  • Lotions 

  • Solar Exposure

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